The mail server proposed here is composed of two of the most renowned open source packages:

Postfix and Dovecot. Postix is a mail transfer agent, or in other words, the software that routes and delivers emails. Dovecot is the agent that talks with email software using IMAP or POP3 protocols. Both have been written with security, scalability and simplicity in mind and are used by the largest internet providers.

Main Postfix features include:

• SMTP, LMTP & QMQP protocol support for mail routing and delivery • Delivery Status Notification • ETRN support, which allows for mail servers to be sitting behind a non permanent connection • IPv6 support • MIME encoding • Pipelining of multiple message in the same connexion • SASL (through Dovecot plugin) • TLS support for encrypted connection • Multiple Junk mail control features and plugins • Multiple database support (SQLor LDAP based) • Maildir and mailbox formats for storing emails • Virtual domains support • Address masquerading and rewriting

Dovecot provides the following functionalities:

• POP3 & IMAP support • Selfoptimising indexes • Selfhealing of most problems encountered • Support for clustered access to the same user files • CRAMMD5, DIGESTMD5, APOP, NTLM, GSSSPNEGO, Kerberos v5, RPA and onetime password authentication stored in files, LDAP or SQL databases • Multiple workarounds for clients that do not conform to RFC (such as Outlook, Thunderbird or others) • Multiple plugins to add functionality (quota, access control lists, expiration, full text search indexing, etc...)

Ubuntu 8.04 Server Edition, known to the IT world one of the most reliable server systems, adds the support of Amavidnew, an interface between postfix and content checkers. ClamAV antivirus and SpamAssassin are used as virus scanners and junk mail filters respectively